Room hire at The Counsel House

Want to begin a private practice, but you don't want to work from home and everywhere wants you to hire rooms by the day?  At The Counsel House we rent rooms to experienced therapists by the hour.  Yes, by the hour!  And to make it just that little bit easier to start-up, we only charge you £7 per hour.  To take advantage of this offer you will need to demonstrate to us that you have:




  • Full membership of BACP or UKCP and that you are accredited by these organisations or are working towards accreditation.
  • Acceptable qualifications as a counsellor or psychotherapist.
  • Current Professional Liability Insurance.




We have three therapy rooms available, two of which have sinks and vanity units with hot/cold water.  All rooms are heated with sumptuous soft furnishings.



Just give us a call to find out more on 07722 423860, or complete the contact form.

Classrooms are sometimes available for rent, but usually on a Friday and Saturday.  Therapists sometimes want to run their own workshop and The Counsel House provides an ideal environment to achieve a successful workshop.  We've plenty of parking and refreshment facilities ranging from tea and coffee through to sandwiches, salad trays or meals can be arranged.  And you can have your classroom with or without tables and chairs.


Classroom 1 is available for rent at £18 per hour.

Classroom 2 is available for rent at £13 per hour.

Bulletin Board - latest News

1. Fast-track Skills course begins 26 January

We're announcing our fast-track Certificate in Counselling Skills course now to prepare applicants for the selection procedure.


The course will begin on Monday, 12 January 2015 from 6 - 9pm and run for 26 weeks.  Interested applicants should complete the application form (click here) and email it to:


or send it to: The Counsel House, Great Broomfields, Cranfield Park Road, Wickford, SS12 9EP


Applicants will need to attend an Open Day at our centre anytime between 10am to Noon and 5.30-7.00pm on Monday, 8 December and attend an individual interview on Monday, 15 December at a time to be arranged with yourself.  


The cost of the course will be £500 payable at the time of enrolment or a deposit of £250 payable at the time of enrolment together with 3 monthly payments of £115 payable in February, March and April.


If you want further details then call Sarnia Noble, the tutor, on 07825 561839 or complete the Contact Form on this website Click Here.  We would like to welcome you to The Counsel House.



2. New course application forms

To apply for courses beginning in September 2014 you will need to complete and send us your application form.  Without a completed application form we will not be able to consider you for a course.  To download a course application form click here

3. Room hire for experienced therapists

We rent therapy rooms to experienced, professional counselling therapists by the hour.  We also have classrooms available for rent for that special CPD workshop or group meeting. 


For more details click here


We have put together the most frequently asked questions about our courses and counselling approach. Check out our FAQs.

Feel free to call us at any time at 07581 570755 and set up an appointment with us.


Here you can find all contact information.